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What is Crockstar Dinner Club?

Crockstar Dinner Club is a monthly meal plan

that was created in January 2016 to help

bring families back together at meal time!

We are all busy for our own reasons, volunteering,

children, activities, work... You name it, Crockstar

Dinner Club gives you an effortless way to have a

home cooked meal with your busy lifestyle.

All you have to do is add the meat (or any other item listed)!

Once you are ready to make your meal, you simply

toss the meat into the crockpot, add the bag of

ingredients, and cook for the given time.

It’s that simple! Come  home from your long day

with a home cooked meal ready to go!

You will love the convenience and taste of Crockstar Dinner Club and will be anxious for each month of new meals!

[ All 'Crockstar Dinner Club' Photography by:

Megan Bartholomew with Cramer Photography ]

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