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Crockstar Dinner Club

How it Works


1) Order your meals, whether you do that at our store in Okc or order them online & have them shipped to your door!

2) Add your Crockstar meal and any required meat to your Crockpot.

3) Enjoy your day and wait for dinner to be done!

What is Crockstar Dinner Club?

Crockstar Dinner Club is a meal prep company that was created to help bring families back to the dinner table.

We are all busy for our own reasons - Volunteering, work, children, activities... You name it! Crockstar Dinner Club gives you an effortless way to have a home cooked meal with your busy lifestyle.

We have Gluten Free, Soy Free & Dairy Free options available

All nutritional information is available on our website

No prep work! Just add the meat & GO!

Crockstar Dinner Club saves you 40% or more on your monthly grocery bill*

All meals can be cooked in your crockpot

All meals serve 6-8 people

We ship all over the USA

*Based on a moderate cost grocery bill for a family of 4

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